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I had to order through another service, I would not recommend using it as a final product. We responded to your review and explained that this is a bank issue.

Contact us or call us as soon as possible in order to resolve your issue. When you work full time and go to school full time, it becomes difficult to focus on activities that are not as important as your main activities. Recently, I had to write a review of a political science article. I applied to Ultius to help write a review article as I could only focus on preparing for my statistics test..

Finally, there is the “Required Writer” option. This option is great when you have someone who is your favorite writer or a writer you have worked with in the past. For this option you will have to pay an additional 15%..

Once I got the resume, I could check it out and accept it. Until Ultius released me into a hopeless situation. We sincerely appreciate that you leave feedback, even if we were not able to help you with your order..

Then you have the Graduate Writer option, which almost includes some of the main contributors to the site. These writers have been selected for this category based on order history, credentials and many other factors. It is good that your order has priority. However, you have to deal with + 20% cost to have such a writer. Ask for answers from Ultius staff and other clients.

A lot of disasters have happened to me lately, and I really expected them to survive – very, very disappointed. I sincerely regret your dissatisfaction, but I have to share with you some important points about your experience..

But in fact, you are raising a very important point on which I would like to dwell in more detail. We are actively trying to improve our processes when it comes to urgent restorations. To really reduce the likelihood of last minute posting, we need to add more in-house writers to our group. Staff writers are employees compared to freelance writers, so we have their schedule. However, our standards are high, so vacancy is hard to fill. As I mentioned in my personal message, we processed your full refund on May 5, 2017. We will never save client funds in case the writer has an urgency and cannot complete the order on time…

payment method

They seem to be unable to contact the writer who is supposed to be working on my article. So now that the lessons lasted 30 minutes, I have nothing to rent and I withdrew terribly. Better get a refund, but they look quite dubious and I will surely get the idea too.

However, I’m sorry that happened and that was not our intention. There was another issue with the order: PayPal was keeping the payment for verification. He ended up getting out of our hands, even if you sent your confirmation. PayPal is a separate organization and we only use it as one of our merchant accounts. Sorry about that, but we have to adhere to their rules in order to maintain a good reputation for our trading account. As you may know, we processed your return on September 29th. The company has spent a lot of effort building their website for sale, but once the order and payment are delivered, support drops..

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