Nation Building Through the Church

God’s Commission to God’s People

 “Seek the peace and prosperity of the ‘place’ to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper.” Jeremiah 29:7

What is Mangal Gram Yojana?

The MGY Project is about envisioning, training, equipping and mobilizing local churches to get involved in the work of Nation Building at the level of villages and communities where the local churches are located. We intend to reach out to the churches in each of 36 Districts consisting of 358 Talukas of the State with our training programs and encourage these churches in to activities of social and moral transformation of people. So that they contribute in creating clean environment, personal and family hygiene and harmonious relationships among communities.

How it Functions?

Under the direction of the State Coordinator 7 Regional Coordinators oversee the work in their respective regions that are made of five districts each. Regional Coordinators work in close association with the 36 District Leaders, mainly the District Leaders of their respective regions. And the District Leaders closely work in association with the Taluka Leaders of their respective Maha Harvest Network Project: ‘Mangal Gram Yojana’ 2 Districts. Through this infrastructure we reach every church in every district and taluka with the training programs of Mangal Gram Yojana.

MGY Training Conferences

Mangal Gram Yojana Project operates at various levels, first of all every two years we conduct envisioning conferences at State level primarily to envision the leaders of the churches  

Secondly the same conferences are repeated in every region    

Thirdly, the same conference is again repeated at the District levels where the focus is on Church members,   

Thus every local church is trained, equipped, and mobilized to implement the Mangal Gram Yojana Project in their respective village.

Mangal Gram Yojana

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Mangal Gram Yojana : Phase One

Village Profile: Based on a careful research and observations prepare a village profile that become the base for all the activities and initiatives in the future.

 Based on the profile, envision, educate, and mobilize the local church in the village to pray for the various needs of the village.

 Develop cordial and working relationship with the village at various levels, such as between Gram Panchayat and Church Panchayat (Board), Between families, Between individuals, between professionals etc.

 Swachata Abhhiyan: The local church taking the initiative while they invite the local people to clean up the village once in a week on rota basis among the groups assigned for this purpose.

 Initiating Tree Plantation through local Gram Panchayat and adoption of plants by church families for their nurture and care till the plants survive to become trees.Taking steps towards Rain Harvesting to increase the ground water level.

 Purifying the drinking water at its source, if not at least at the level of storage of drinking water in every household.

Conducting awareness programs and involving local people in resolving issues that they face in their respective villages. Use church building for such activities at least once in a week.

 Identifying families that are struggling due to bad habits of the male members of the family, and helping them to overcome those in order to restore their happy family life.

 Empowering the women of the village though education and work skills to participate in the welfare of the family.

Five Steps Implementation : Phase One


Select a Village from your District



Develop a Village Profile: Follow the 20 points format



Educate the Congregation



Based on the 20-point research, Prepare a Prayer Directory of Your Village



Develop Friendships

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